COVID-19 Update:


We understand that you may have several questions about how traveling with us is being affected with the current outbreak of COVID-19. We want to assure you that our travelers’ safety and health is our top priority.

To date, Women of Nebraska travelers are our top priority right now. We understand that you may have several questions about how travel is being affected by the current outbreak of COVID-19.

To date, Women of Nebraska has been forced to postpone several journeys because of COVID-19. Women who purchased travel insurance before COVID-19 was a named event, can read more here.

We anticipate there will be more changes and postponements of journeys as we move through spring and early summer.

Most women impacted by this situation have been incredibly generous in their understanding and patience while Women of Nebraska is making a staggering number of decisions in accordance with governmental-issued regulations for travel to protect both the health and the financial investment of our travelers.

It is important to note that there is a difference between an individual journey and traveling on a custom-tailored group journey. Since early March, when Women of Nebraska began to see indications that journeys might be impacted, we started reaching out to all of our suppliers. Many of them had received payment months in advance to guarantee the hotels, services, activities, etc. promised in our itineraries. We have been working nonstop to see what, if any, alternative plans could be made.

These negotiations were still ongoing and we have been forced to postpone several journeys and invoke the Force Majeure clause of our policies. In short, Force Majeure is a legal term that states no one is liable / at fault when “superior forces” (i.e. unknowable events at the time of entering into a contractual agreement) make it impossible for the contractual commitments to be fulfilled.

While Women of Nebraska may be released from our contractual obligations through no fault of the company, it does not release us from our commitment to advocate on the behalf of the travelers impacted by a cancelation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are actively pursuing any and all remedies that may be available for every journey impacted or soon to be impacted.

Given that the entire travel industry is operating in crisis mode and will be for weeks to come, and in light of all the information circulating on the Internet, through the press, and many other channels of which some could be misleading or confusing, we will make a final decision 30 days prior to any set departure date, of what will be done. It is impossible for us to predict the lengths of governmental-issed travel bans, quarantine regulations, or any other travel-related restrictions earlier than 30 days prior to a departure. We will not speculate, but once we have a complete picture of what options may be available, we will notify all impacted travelers.

We hope this brings everyone up to date with where we stand. Stay safe and healthy during this time.


Anne Fuldby-Olsen

Women of Nebraska, Founder